Business Need

Our client is one of the largest independent schools in Birmingham which welcomes all faiths. In partnership with parents, they provide a caring community with high standards of teaching and learning, enabling all pupils to achieve success.

TIC initially installed a Panasonic Phone System which was supported until 2013 when during a regular customer care visit they expressed some concerns with regards to the current system.

  • Their receptionist wasn’t capable of handling all incoming calls first thing in the morning and this had resulted in some parent complaints. This was often because parents want to provide detailed messages that need passing on to the teachers, thus taking time for the receptionist to transcribe and then distribute.
  • Parents were ringing in, following up messages that had been previously been left for teachers and complaining they had little response
  • Staff were regularly finding it difficult to locate support staff and senior management staff, as the school was a large sprawled out site and they often had to chase round trying to locate them.

The Technical Solution

  • NEC SV8100 Configured With 8 x ISDN Channels, 16 Port Automated Attendant, 40 x Handsets, 32 Hour Voicemail System, Unfied Messaging, Casual Voice Recording and Mobile Phone Integration.

The Benefits

  • The NEC system supports the receptionist if required by answering callers after a predetermined period of no answer. This guarantees that the callers don’t ring off and offers a number of routing options in to departments or direct members of staff.
  • During the first hour of the morning, an automatic option is also available for parents wanting to report pupil absence. This system processes the message and sends it straight away to the admin department via email to update registration. This has saved valuable time allowing the receptionist to deal with other enquiries.
  • Parents can now leave messages directly for teachers in their voicemail boxes ensuring that nothing is lost in translation, ceasing the previous complaints.
  • In addition the receptionists have adhoc voice recording that allows them to record any lengthy conversation with a parent, and email it directly to the teacher, improving efficiency and ensuring the context of the message is emphasised.
  • Messages for staff that don’t have a dedicated phone and are moving around the school get emailed to listen to on their laptops or in a number of break out areas such as staff rooms. We have provided visual units that inform the teacher there is a message waiting for them. They can listen to it and respond immediately, again impressing parents that all of their pupil concerns are taken seriously and dealt with promptly, reducing parent call-backs and obvious frustration.
  • Previous problems in locating senior or support staff have been negated without the need for expensive DECT cordless phones. We have integrated the NEC system with the school provided mobile phones, allowing them to become internal extensions off the phone system. Thus, they are easy to contact and costs are kept to a minimum via their inclusive minute call plan.
  • For users that have both a desk phone and a mobile, both have been paired to ensure that if a caller rings the internal or direct dial number both devices will ring if required, ensuring all enquiries are dealt with promptly and professionally.