COVID-19 Company Statement

As COVID-19 continues to escalate we hope you and your business are managing to cope with the impact of this outbreak.

That’s why I wanted to email you personally to assure you that, whatever happens, TIC has contingency plans in place to support you and your organisation throughout this challenging time.

We will be following all the relevant advice from Public Health England and other Government departments to ensure the safety of our staff and their dependents.

We have resilience and contingencies built in to our processes to accommodate scenarios where we need to run our operations on a lean basis, if illness or isolation reduces the number of staff able to attend work

We will continuously review the situation and will ensure that you are made aware of any key developments that may impact our service delivery.

While no one can predict the future, there is one thing I am certain of—we will come through this challenging time stronger than ever. Providing support to you and your people is our priority and we truly appreciate the trust that you place in TIC.

Kind Regards,
Sean Pearson – Director

How we can help

In these difficult times it’s important to know what technology is available to help you and your staff work from home. There are a wide range of options available, from augmenting your existing solution to brand new solutions either to bolt on to the side of what you currently have or to replace it. This e-mail will guide you through various options.

IP Extensions

If you have a modern on premise telephone system, they are often are capable of supporting IP Extensions. IP Extensions can be deployed off-site utilising an internet connection to route back to the telephone system. You have full functionality when using an IP Extension – so your phone can ring with incoming ring groups and you can dial out showing your office telephone number.

Most systems support both physical desk phones and applications known as softphones that can be deployed on mobile phones or laptops.

Please note for security purposes we recommend IP Extensions are only deployed over a VPN or where the home worker has a static IP address to keep your on premise telephone system safe.

For more information about IP Extensions please e-mail or contact us on 0333 006 3333.



SIP Trunks & SIP Trunk Call Manager

If you are thinking of upgrading, or have already upgraded with us to SIP Trunks, you can enable an additional feature on these lines called SIP Trunk Call manager. SIP Trunk Call Manager allows you to create call plans that can route your incoming calls from any of your numbers to multiple external destinations, such as mobile phones, home landlines etc.

Furthermore, this service can be managed by your own staff should changes be required in the event of a staff member being furloughed or falling ill. STCM includes the ability to create schedules, automated attendant menus (press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support etc) voicemail and much more.

However, it is important to note that SIP Trunk Call Manager is a disaster recovery product and not a telephone system. Once a call is delivered to an external destination and it is answered, there is no way to transfer that call to a colleague. You would need to take a message and ask the colleague to call the caller back. Furthermore, SIP Trunk Call Manager does not offer call recording.

The benefit of this solution is that it is a quick and flexible way to allow a group of people to work from home using their mobiles or home land lines to take calls from any of your office telephone number.

For more information about SIP Trunks or SIP Trunk Call Manager please e-mail or contact us on 0333 006 3333.


If you have Analogue or ISDN lines you are unable to make use of SIP Trunk Call Manager, however you can use a facility called Inbound.

Inbound gives you the same feature set as SIP Trunk Call Manager – and is utilised by setting up a new telephone number and forwarding all of your existing telephone lines to that new telephone number.

Much like with SIP Trunk Call Manager, calls can be forwarded to external telephone numbers such as homeworkers mobile phones or landlines. Allowing users to handle incoming calls wherever they are working.

For more information about Inbound please e-mail or contact us on 0333 006 3333.

Hosted Telephony

TIC sell 2 hosted telephony platforms, Wildix and Horizon.

Both platforms can be deployed either along side your existing telephone system by forwarding your main office number, or as a complete replacement to them.

Either platform can be utilised via:

· Physical Handsets
· iOS and Android Mobile Soft Clients
· PC/Laptop Clients via Software or Web Browsers

Hosted telephony platforms enable full telephone system functionality whilst working from home, including –

· Hold & Transfer of calls between extensions
· Call Logging & Call Recording Options
· Audio and Video Conferencing Options
· Desktop Sharing & Collaboration Options

We have an offer currently running, delivering the above solutions, quickly, cost effectively as complementary to your current solution on a 3 month rolling contract to assist during the CV19 outbreak

For more information about Hosted Platforms please e-mail or contact us on 0333 006 3333.